Snapchat Horrors

 The Screenshot



The screenshot can be your worst enemy at times, be extra careful about who your sending them snaps, do you trust them enough not to screenshot and if not do you trust them to not send them on, remember the golden rule if you wouldn’t send it on Facebook don’t send it on snapchat.

 Sending It To The Wrong Person

There is nothing worse than this, you could be sending a cute snapchat to your other half and bam in the space of a few seconds all your friends are sending it around your whatsapp group.

Accidentally Adding It To Your Story

This is a rare but very unfortunate occurrence, its like both of the above happening only its 10x worse, everyones seen it and theres nothing you can do other than hold your head high and take what ever comes..

Just remember be careful.

The 5 people you hate in your exam hall


Exam time is stressful enough without having these 5 people annoying you during your exam.

5) The noisy ones

Whether it be the cougher, sneezer or loud eater there is one in every single exam you will ever take and oh do they drive you nuts.

4) The bad student

They sigh, shuffle their feet, flick their pens onto the ground just for something to do. They are an overall distraction and you can just see that they only studied the night before. But do they care? Nope..

3) The fashion show

Well you’ve been up since 6 am to try and get in some last minute cramming, look like you haven’t slept in weeks and are wearing something you just found on the floor. Meanwhile, this one girl just has to arrive in four inch heels and enough makeup on to look like she’s about to hit the town. Who has the time for this?!

2) Sorry, can I get some more paper please?

No, no you may not. Was the booklet with 14 sheets just not enough for you?!


1) The ones that leave early

There’s one in every class.. And there you are sitting wondering if they’re a genius or just an idiot.


The Male Tinderer – The 8 Steps On The Emotional Roller-coaster


Ah Tinder. The dating app that  has revolutionized how we date and look for sexual encounters. Online dating is no longer just for greasy old men who touch themselves while being lathered up with hand lotion my friends!  Gone are the days in which we had to separate the female creatures from the herd in search of the Holy Grail.  It is a beacon of hope – a true  and unique chance for all young single and sexually frustrated men out there.

We all have a dream upon embarking on our journey. That that one day… the hot girl who squats and has a fabulous rack will swipe right, find your opening cheesy line hilarious and suggest THE booty call. Sadly, this is not the case (did you really think saying “sit on my face” would work?).
Tinder can be an emotional  and painful experience, bringing you through complex feelings you didn’t know that existed.
If you’re new, here is what to expect:



Day 1. The thrill. You can feel it. After coming into singlehood relatively unscathed you are ready! The She-Devil is gone for good!  You can see it now – girl’s panties wet with anticipation, and it’s all for you! Distance to 50km (how far is it really?), best 6 pictures? Easy – no your t-shirt is not too tight in that photo!
Within hours you will experience the first thrilling pings that indicate you have a new match! These girls are at least a do-able 6 and they are just cooing at your stylish slick lines!
If you were a fruit you’d be a fine-apple!” – Cool as you like.
All those bad stories you heard from the lads? Pffft! They just lack your raw talent! Gentlemen…lock up your daughters!




You’ve been swiping for a couple of weeks now. Where are all the matches?! Is tinder broken? Is my location for discovery not working or on the wrong setting? Maybe the hot girls just haven’t gotten to your profile yet…yeah…that must be it…why else wouldn’t they be showing up?




Wham. You know it now. It’s you. That hot girl who you thought was sexy? Yep thats right – shes a prostitute. In hindsight, having a photo of you and your ex on your profile wasn’t exactly a good idea. It’s been awhile now. Who the f#ck said you’d get more sex in single life? All lies! Maybe she’ll take you back…this dry spell is getting out of hand! Oh god…you’re going to be all alone forever! Will I have sex ever again at this rate? Looks like its Pamela and her 5 mates tonight…AGAIN!




Saturday night. The lads are being loved with their respective ladies while the others are looking for session moths in Coppers. You on the other hand are on your couch very much alone, apart from your cat. All you want is some company. Resorting to a Tinder moment? Cringe…but things are reaching breaking point. Someone please like it! Chat to me please! I’m so alone…




Well it looks like you have reached a new low. Crusty socks are littered around the room. You no longer look through her profile. Looks like a female? That’s all we care for! Swipe right – every time. Distance to 80km. Age – any. Please someone…anyone…love me! Is it the openings? So many ways have been tried..


“Is your dad a boxer, because you’re a knockout”

“What’s the difference between me and my couch? My couch pulls out!”.

Nothing. Not even the fat midget from the Congo would reply. That’s right you are officially at that point.
Desperation and despair.



The Wall

That’s it. You’re done. Delete it from the phone. No more will you let this warped app drain your battery and tease you with women! Tinder- F#@k you!




What is this sorcery? Your less attractive friend has gotten his bit from tinder? STALL THE BALL NIDGEY! There really is hope! You have a new lease of life. You are determined. If they can do it then so can you.
New photos, new bio…actually have respect for yourself and forget the bio. Google, advice on how not to be an awkward creature please! Ladies, come at me!




Boom! You have finally done it. Your first Tinder date. You’ve finally snagged someone who finds your awkward meaningless questions as ‘cute’. Sure let’s take that! Surprisingly, she’s only half wrecked! BUT! Who cares? Few drinks and she’ll look like Emma Watson in a Borat mankini. Nothing will ruin your sense of achievement. Johnnies in the pocket! You’re ready to go!



Whether you like it, love it or hate it, Tinder is a unique experience that our generation has been blessed with. Will you get a date? Perhaps. Will you get laid? Very unlikely. You may be unfortunate enough to fall into the tentacles of a relationship.

Regardless, it will continue to be an outlet  in which stalking is deemed acceptable.

Tinder – we bow to your infinite wisdom.

7 Must Watch Films To See Before The Upcoming Referendum

LGBT rights are an ever rising theme in the film industry. Here at The, we are all for voting yes.  SO we’ve lined up some of the best LGBT films of the most recent years to get you all hyped up for the up and coming referendum.

7. Pride (2014)

Pride is the most recently released film of our list. It stars Bill Nighy & Imedla Staunton and is mainly based towards the political and controversial side of this topic. It’s story follows a group of UK gay activists who help miners during the strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in 1984 and rise against Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

IMDB: 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes92%


6.The Kids Are All Right (2010)

The Kids Are All Right has an amazing cast. Julianne Moore, Josh Hutcherson and Mark Ruffalo come together and tell the story of two children conceived by artificial insemination and how they try to bring their biological father into their family life, where both children were raised by two mothers. Josh Hutcherson’s face in general also makes it enjoyable.

IMDB: 7.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 93% 


5. Milk (2008)

This film depicts the life of Harvey Milk played by Sean Penn, and his struggles as an gay American activist who fought for gay rights and became California’s first openly gay elected official. James Franco also guests stars.

IMDB: 7.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 94%


4. Philadelphia (1993)

Another amazing cast in this one with Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas. A gay lawyer infected with AIDS is fired from his law firm in fear that they might contract AIDS from him. When fired, he hires a homophobic lawyer to sue his law firm before his disease overcomes him.

IMDB: 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 78%


3. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert (1994)

This film is amazing. Two drag queens and a transexual played by Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp, travel across the desert to perform their unique style of cabaret around the country. It’s hilarious and one you’ll never forget.

IMDB: 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 93%


2. I Love You Philip Morris (2010)

This is one of those films that make such a big impact on you, that you force your friends to watch it just so you can talk about how cute it is. Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor bring these two characters to life so perfectly and convincingly that you’ll never get tired of watching it. This story is of two men who fall in love while in prison and their fight to get out and build the perfect life together.

IMDB: 6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 72%

1. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

And this is the winner for me. Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger tell the heartbreaking story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys who meet in the summer of 1963 while driving cattle and their lives over the years. If you’re going to watch any film on this list, let it be this one.

IMDB: 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 87%

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