6 Of The Best Chocolate Bars They Don’t Make Anymore

We all remember the first time we were handed a chocolate bar and savoured every mouthful like it were the last. Here are 6 of the best chocolate bars you just don’t see anymore. What I would do to bring some of these babies back!


The Cadbury Snowflake

The Cadbury Snowflake was a bar manufactured by Cadbury in 1976.  Crumbly flaked with the most unbelievable white chocolate it was a head turner.


cadbury snowflake


Mars Delight

This absolute delight sent from the heavenly chocolate gods featured stunning milk chocolate together with a rippled wafer centre surrounded by caramel and chocolate flavour cream. Oh lord.

mars delight


Milkybar Munchies

The adult version of the Milky Bar. Need I say more.



Twix Top

This lone soldier was a single rectangular biscuit bar introduced for a very short period of time in multi-packs for supermarkets. I’ve never been able to find one these days.




Everyone remembers this little number. Just enough to hit the spot, and sneakily shift into your pocket when your parents weren’t looking.



Cadbury Dream

Very similar to the milky bar but now absolutely nowhere to be seen.


Lorna Spaine, Our Miss Dublin Girl.

Meet Lorna Spaine (@LornaSpaine), 21 year old girl from Hartstown. Not many people haven’t heard of Lorna as she seems to be extremely popular on all social media platforms with a combined follower set of 27 thousand.









Lorna will be entering into the Miss Dublin competition this week with high hopes of moving on to compete in Miss Ireland later in the year. She will be representing TheStudentHub.ie, be sure to vote for her.


Orange Is the New Black – Series 3 Trailer !

The ladies of Litchfield are back in a new trailer for Orange Is the New Black, which launches its third season on June 12. And this time around, they’re… less infected than ever?

Well, let’s just say that the inmates can get creative with their uses of certain products.

In the latest trailer, fans get a look back at the first two seasons of the show (which has already been renewed for its 4th season). They also get a glimpse at what’s to come in the Larry-less season—which, rumor has it, it involves naked catfights in the shower.


We are excited!

Abandoned Island In The Middle Of New York City

North Brother Island is located between the Bronx and Queens, NYC. In 1885, a hospital was build and the island was used to quarantine those who suffered from smallpox and typhoid. In the late 1950’s, its purpose was changed to house rehab patients but the entire island has been closed and abandoned since 1963.

The island has been abandoned for over 50 years now and Mother Nature has taken over it’s territory.
North Brother Island majorly came back to the attention of the media when photographer Christopher Payne visited five years ago and has been taking photos ever since. The island had been bought by the state previously and is off limits to the public for safety reasons.
This island lies abandoned just a few miles off the shore of one of the busiest and most densely inhabited cities in the world.
Many who lived on the island never left. It is now a bird sanctuary.

“Cú Chulainn” Europe’s second largest roller coaster, parents rejoice as they no longer have to bring their kids to Disneyland…

Named after legendary Irish warrior “Cú Chulainn” and located in Tayto Park, Ireland’s largest 6th year woodwork project set to rival Disneyland..


you what

Mr Tayto says “Mickey Mouse can lick my spuds”

Europe’s second largest roller coaster imported from America with a €8 million price tag is part of Tayto parks €25m expansion and is likely to bring joy to the nation for about 3 weeks!

Never the less we salute you Mr Tayto man for finally building us a real roller coaster Fuck yeah!

Although there was one Irish native who had an issue with the naming…

the conor coaster





They built a waterpark in an old German airship hangar!

Some geniuses over in Germany have created something beautiful in an old airship hangar!

A waterpark!

Tropical Islands Resort is a tropical theme park located in the former Brand-Briesen Airfield in Brandenburg, Germany, 50 kilometres from the southern boundary of Berlin, It is housed in the former CargoLifter  airship hangar, the biggest free-standing hall in the world.

The hall belonged to the company CargoLifter until its insolvency in 2002.

Looks fun eh?

German airship hangar

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