Things To Expect At Student Raceday

The most eagerly anticipated date of the year is nearly here! Every year, spin 1038’s  Student raceday which takes place on April 5th and brings unparalleled excitement, banter and races!

If you have never been to the races, these are some of the things you can expect:

1. There will be horses

But really, these are just a side show to… erm.. horsing around, races are not just for enthusiasts, they attract very varied crowd, which is why this is such a great event!


2. There will be plenty of drinking

Extra bars usually get installed for the day so you don’t have to worry about being thirsty. Hold off on having too many pre-drinks, you’ll face more hurdles than the jockeys at the course and be hung-over by the time you make it to the nightclub.

That counts for your mates too – don’t have your day ruined by being the designated minder.


3. Prepare for the rain

As it is Ireland it will most likely rain at some point of the day, so bring your umbrella and maybe a waterproof jacket to avoid our unpredictable weather from ruining your day.

4. Dress to Impress

The Races are a place that you can go all our and wear your Sunday best, expect suits, dresses and lots of hats & girls, avoid stiletto’s, your feet will be aching by the end of the day, and we all know stilettos aren’t great on grass or uneven terrain.

Block heels or wedges will serve you much better!

5. Don’t expect to win big

We all have that one friend who loves to gamble and is always telling you about how easy it is to always be up, bare in mind if it was so easy the gambling industry wouldn’t be one of the most profitable worldwide. Be wise with your money and don’t be putting stupid bets on just because your mates are, but if you do we wish you the best of luck.

6. The Night Out

Whether you plan to or not the chances are you will end up in town and if you be sensible because there will be plenty of people who have drank a little too much and will ruin your fun for the night. Try to get into town early to avoid queuing and most of all have a good time and if your not sure of where to go we highly reccomend Opium Rooms as its been notorious over the past couple of years as Dublin’s best raceday afterparty.
Opium Rooms





The XX, Annie Mac & More Announced For Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic returns to Stradbally from 1st – 3rd September.

The line-up for one of the biggest weekends of the year has landed.

Headlining the festival are:

The XX

A Tribe Called Quest Credit: Brian Ach/Invision/AP 

Duran Duran 

A load of acts were also announced this morning including Annie Mac, London Grammar, Rag’N’Bone Man, Hudson Taylor and Phoenix.

Superstar DJ Carl Cox To Play Ireland

Earlier this evening it was confirmed the Carl Cox will take to the stage this August at Custom House Square, Belfast.  The Ibiza legend will play his first show in 30 years in Ireland later this year.

In the 1980s, Cox was a house/techno DJ, and became a mainstay DJ in the electronic industry. He has performed at numerous clubs and events worldwide and has served as a monthly DJ for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix. He has hosted a residency known as ‘Music is Revolution’ every summer season at the world-renowned nightclub, Space Ibiza, from 2001 to 2016.

He runs the record label, Intec Digital, which was founded in 1999 as Intec Records.Cox also has his own radio show, entitled ‘Global’ which is syndicated across the world.

He has featured his own ‘Carl Cox & Friends’ stage at many festivals, such as Ultra Music Festival, the BPM Festival, Awakenings.Also joining Cox will be Hot Since 82.

Also joining Cox will be Hot Since 82.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday from Ticketmaster.



Homegrown Talent: Leah Tiernan

What is homegrown talent?

Homegrown talent is a weekly piece on the local musicians & entertainers of Ireland who we think deserve more recognition for what they do in bringing a small bit of happiness to our lives every day.

Who is Leah Tiernan?

Leah is a 19-year-old from South Dublin, who is currently studying at BIMM Dublin.

She has performed in several venues in the Dublin area which include The Grand Social & The Workman’s Club to name but a few.

She has an increasingly popular YouTube Channel where she uses the stage name of “Leah Louise”, on she has accumulated over 7,000 subscribers and her videos have a combined view count of 863,282 at the time of the post.

Here’s Leah’s cover of Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved


She has also written and performed her own single “Plans”

You can see more of Leah’s work here.

Homer And Marge Will Split Up In The New Season Of The Simpsons

Homer and Marge are set to “legally separate” after 26 years of marriage, according to The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean.

Speaking to Variety, Jean confirmed the shocking news, saying that Homer goes on to fall in love with his pharmacist, voiced by ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham.

Whether the couple get back together is yet to be confirmed but considering some of the storms they’ve weathered in the past, anything more than a temporary split would be a shock.

Apparently, it’s when Homer is (finally) diagnosed with narcolepsy that things begin to fall apart between him and Marge, as his condition puts incredible strain on their marriage.

This news comes after Jean also announced that Sideshow Bob will finally kill Bart Simpson in this year’s Halloween episode and, most important of all, Spider Pig will return for the show’s 27th season.

Let’s hope these two can work things out. I don’t think we could cope with a full blown Simpsons divorce!

9 Random Things We All Did When We Were Young But Have No Idea Why


There are some things you did as a kid that you can’t think for the life of you why you did them…


– Put PVA Glue on your hands just so you could peel it off.


peel glue


– Thought Pritt Stick was actually “Prick Stick”

pritt stick


– Pretend to smoke Candy Cigarettes


candy cigarette

– Pretend to use this as lipstick

candy lipstick



– Play Chinese or Indian Burns


chinese burns


– Thinking OCP Duty was the most important thing in the world.



– Thinking you could beat Bop It

Bop It


– Spending days of your life on Paint


paint on computer




– Trying  to get there preggers






The Group – The Mates We All Have

1. The Nightclub Rep

That one friends who fills your news feed with crap and is always sending you invites to poxy events you don’t want to go to. You’ve never been to the event, yet you know every detail. Their snapchat stories? Constant crowd shots and 200 seconds long. Yet they can be useful. Need free in? You’re sorted.

promoter starter pack


2. The Session Moth

The friend who is always up for the “sesh” and will do anything, we mean anything for that late night delivery from the off license. You will usually see these folk posting statuses such as “any parties?” at 4am after the clubs have shut. They just dont stop, do they?

session moth SP


3. The Shit Talker

The friend that has advice on everything, but really knows sweet fuck all..



4. The Scrounge

The Friend that never has money for taxis and after you buy the first round at the bar, they disappear. The Scrounge is indeed a friend, but the degree of friendship usually depends on what they want from you. The Scrounge knows what they want and they usually get it. They say they’ll pay you back, but you both know better..

may I have


5. The One That Is Always Late

Every time the group meets, this friend shows up late. You have to tell this person that you’re meeting at 3pm even though it’s really 6pm, just so they’ll be there! And when they are there, you sometimes wonder if they’re even listening.. This person will either be checking their email, creeping on Facebook or texting the missus.




6. The Fitness Freak

The one that thinks they know about getting ‘large’ in the gym because they bought a tub of protein. They’ll invite you along for a quick workout before you head out that night and spend an hour on arms.


Ed Sheeran Raps And He Nails It!

We all know Ed Sheeran’s his voice from his numerous number one hits, but apparently he has some serious rap skills too! Covering everything from Jay-Z to Eminem.


Macklemore’s Thrift Shop Ft. Passenger


Jay-z’s Empire State Of Mind


OT Genasis ‘Coco’

Eminem’s Lose Yourself

Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady


Lorna Spaine, Our Miss Dublin Girl.

Meet Lorna Spaine (@LornaSpaine), 21 year old girl from Hartstown. Not many people haven’t heard of Lorna as she seems to be extremely popular on all social media platforms with a combined follower set of 27 thousand.









Lorna will be entering into the Miss Dublin competition this week with high hopes of moving on to compete in Miss Ireland later in the year. She will be representing, be sure to vote for her.


Snapchat Horrors

 The Screenshot



The screenshot can be your worst enemy at times, be extra careful about who your sending them snaps, do you trust them enough not to screenshot and if not do you trust them to not send them on, remember the golden rule if you wouldn’t send it on Facebook don’t send it on snapchat.

 Sending It To The Wrong Person

There is nothing worse than this, you could be sending a cute snapchat to your other half and bam in the space of a few seconds all your friends are sending it around your whatsapp group.

Accidentally Adding It To Your Story

This is a rare but very unfortunate occurrence, its like both of the above happening only its 10x worse, everyones seen it and theres nothing you can do other than hold your head high and take what ever comes..

Just remember be careful.

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